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Trailer Specifications

Heavy Duty trailers

  • Smooth or checker plate floor
  • Smooth or checker plate guards
  • 12″ to 20″ pressed sides
  • 4 tie rails
  • 5, 6, 7 leaf springs

Standard Dimensions

Sizes are described as length x width and are traditionally quoted in feet.
Our standard size trailers, with internal metric dimensions, are as follows:
  • 6′x4′ (1835mm x 1220mm)
  • 7′x4′ (2035mm x1220mm)
  • 7′x5′ (2035mm x1520mm)
  • 8′x5′ (2440mm x 1520mm)
  • Other sizes available upon request.

For custom trailers you will need to nominate the length x width x height expressed in either metres, millimetres, inches or feet.

Floor thicknesses

Checker plate = 3.0mm

Maximum Weights

A trailer without brakes is limited to 750 KG GVM. GVM is Gross Vehicle Mass which means the combined mass of both the load and trailer.

For custom trailers you need to estimate the maximum load weight so we can determine the appropriate suspension, chassis and braking system required. Accuracy here is critical, as repairs to a damaged trailer due to overload can often exceed the cost of appropriate strengthening at the manufacturing stage.

For enclosed trailers, you need to specify where your entry points are to be located as well as the style, eg. lift up door, drop ramp, side swing door etc

Colour Finishes

We have a standard range of hammertone colours.
There are many colours available, with a hammertone, enamel finish a well as Hot Dip Galvanising.
The standard range of hammertone colours are Charcoal and Blue.


As a standard in the industry, all trailers are normally fitted with second hand wheels and tyres (not retreads). All other components are new.
New tyres and wheels are available at an optional extra.
Standard road tyres, light truck or off-road tyres are available.
Wheel patterns are available to suit Ford, HQ, HT, 6 stud LC, 5 Stud LC etc


Mechanical Override disc brakes, hydraulic override, or electric brakes are available.

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